The German Institute for Navigation was founded in 1951. From our Bonn office we manage an international network of members and organize conferences of national and international importance every year. You can find out more about our activities and staff at "About us" and "Conferences".

Commissions and technical committees

The DGON is organised into three commissions and four technical committees, each of which is up to date and regularly organises conferences and symposia for their specialist fields. The commissions are divided into the Air Traffic and General Aviation Navigation Commission, the Maritime Traffic and Navigation Commission, and the Terrestrial Traffic and Vehicle Navigation Commission. On the scientific side, our four technical committees (Radar Technology Committee, Gyro Technology Committee, Satellite Navigation Committee, Traffic Telematics Committee) complete our organisation.

German Institute of Navigation
-Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ortung und Navigation (DGON) e.V.-

Kölnstrasse 70
53111 Bonn









Source: DGON e.V.

International Membership of the DGON