The DGON is a neutral expert forum in all areas of modern transport


The purpose of the society is to promote science and research, technology and the application of positioning and navigation, thereby contributing to the safety, efficiency and economy of maritime traffic, aviation, space travel and land transport; experts and interested parties from public authorities, science, industry and users are working together on this.


  • Organisation of expert conferences and symposia;
  • Promotion and integration of young scientists through joint events with universities, research institutions, industry and public authorities;
  • Preparation of expert opinions, statements and recommendations on current topics of positioning and navigation as well as closely related areas of telecommunications and IT;
  • Advising the responsible authorities and institutions of the federal and state governments;
  • Collection and publication of national and international scientific works and reports from the field of work of the DGON;
  • Cooperation with companies and institutions with similar objectives at home and abroad.