The Satellite Navigation Committee

  • Goals

The Satellite Navigation Committee sees itself as a competent partner for politics, administration, industry, science and research. As a recognised body of experts, it provides information on satellite navigation systems and their interconnection (relevant space technologies and cross-application technologies) as well as on questions of standardisation, safety and reliability, availability and usability. The expert committee provides technical information for the other DGON bodies on current and future space technologies. In particular, the application-oriented commissions, such as the Terrestrial Traffic Commission of DGON, should benefit from this.

The expert committee contributes to strengthening the visibility (public relations work, recruitment of young people) of the DGON and contributes to the competitiveness of the affected industry and the promotion of research and development in this environment.

  • Measures taken

To this end, the expert committee is concerned with application requirements and actively participates through its chairman in the Satellite Navigation Forum of the BMVI/DLR. Further measures to achieve the above objectives include increasing the acceptance of the "European Journal of Navigation" (EJN) at the scientific level through the increased use of the EJN again as a platform for the publication of scientific papers and the organisation of / contribution to regular specialist events:

  • AHORN (The Alpine Space and its challenges of orientation, navigation and information exchange)

  • CERGAL (International Symposium on Certification of GNSS & Services)

  • POSNAV ITS (POSitionierung und NAVigation für Intelligente TransportSysteme)

Primary fields of activity here are:


  • Satellite navigation systems

    • Galileo and Evolution, GPS, GLONASS, Interoperability

    • Selected augmentation systems: EGNOS, PPP

    • Time and time transmission systems

  • Navigation in space

    • Near-Earth, Interplanetary, Planetary

  • Algorithms

    • System and receiver, sensor fusion

  • Organisation

ChairmanDr.-Ing. Frank Zimmermann
DeputiesDr. Jens Levenhagen
 Dr. René Zandbergen