The Radar Technology Committee

When Christian Hülsmeyer (25.12.1881 - 31.1.1957) filed his invention at the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin on April 30, 1904, he certainly did not realize what a world-shaking patent was behind his invention. Hülsmeyer was motivated by a shipwreck on the Weser and thought of the electromagnetic waves that Heinrich Hertz (22.2.1857 - 1.1.1894) had only just proved experimentally. At the time, Hülsymeyer called his invention the "telemobiloscope". The name RADAR originated only in the 1930s of the 20th century.

The Radar Technology Committee follows this Hülsmeyer tradition. The Committee is characterized by a group of experienced experts in the field of radar from science and economy. The Radar Technology Committe meets twice a year and regularly organizes the International Radar Symposium (IRS).

Radar technology has developed into an important economic sector with enormous technical and economic significance. Today, all traffic systems cannot be implemented without radar technology; the radar sensor is indispensable for autonomous vehicles. DGON's Radar Technology Committee is operated jointly with the Committee "Positioning" of the Informationstechnische Gesellschaft (ITG) within the VDE.

  • International Radar Symposium

The Radar Technology Committee organizes and plans the International Radar Symposium (IRS) regularly with great success and worldwide participation and recognition.

the events of the past years:

The first IRS was successfully held in Munich in 1998. Events followed in Berlin (2000), Bonn (2002) and Dresden (2003). On the basis of cooperation with Polish universities and organisations, the idea was born to emphasise the international aspect/thought of the IRS even more through the international choice of the location.

Since then, the IRS has been held in Warsaw, Poland (2004), Berlin, Germany (2005), Krakow, Poland (2006), Cologne, Germany (2007), Wroclaw, Poland (2008), Hamburg, Germany (2009) and Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, for the first time in 2010.

More information about the IRS and current venues can be found at:

  • Historical development

The Radar Technology Committee had emerged

  • in 1951 from the Radar Committee of Experts (in the Committee for Radio Positioning).
  • in 1961 from Technical Committee 5 "Radar Procedures and Technology" (in the DGON)

In the following years, the commissions for terrestrial traffic, air transport and maritime traffic and the technical committees for navigation issues were established, which go beyond the area of these individual modes of transport. This includes the Radar Technology Committee of Experts.

In 1996 Prof. Rohling formed the cooperation between the DGON Technical Committee for Radar Technology and the Information Technology Society in VDE FA 7.4 Positioning as a joint committee.

  • Chairmen of the Radar Technology Committee

CurrentChairmen:Dr.-Ing. Andreas Danklmayer
 Deputy:Dr.-Ing. Guy Kouemou
2016 - 2021 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Knott
1995 - 2016 Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dr. h. c. Hermann Rohling
1984 -1995 Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Hans J. Eberhardt
1970 -1984 Dr. rer. nat. Otto Hilke
1970 Constituent meeting of the Radar Technology Committee