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The expert committee "Gyro Technology" deals with the entire spectrum of inertial-based navigation systems. On the component level, this includes the various technologies of rotation rate and acceleration sensors, on the system level the multisensorially supported navigation systems and their applications in the aerospace sector as well as on land and sea.

The technical committee sees itself as a mediating forum on the neutral ground of the DGON in order to promote dialogue between competing industrial companies, the official side and the research institutions.

The linchpin of these integration activities is the annual international conference "Inertial Sensors and Systems", (, held in cooperation with the "Institut für Systemoptimierung" in Karlsruhe, which can look back on a history of more than 50 years.

With approximately 170 participants and 65% foreign visitors from 20 nations, the conference once again clearly demonstrated its international acceptance in 2011, as participants from Brazil, Canada, China, England, Finland, France, Israel, Italy, Malta, Norway, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and the USA show.

The scientific aspect of the international meeting was highlighted by the presence of Dr. Lefèvre, the famous pioneer and inventor of the modern fiber gyroscope, while Professor Vladimir Peshekhonov, the leading navigation expert of the Russian strategic nuclear submarine fleet and his delegation from St. Petersburg may count as a symbol of the practical application of inertial technology.

In addition to the pure technical presentations, the dominant aim of the conference is to promote the possibility of establishing new contacts, intensifying existing networks and providing an opportunity for informal discussions and further contractual talks.

Thus, the expert committee for Gyro Technology represents an essential element for the international networking of this civil and military sensitive topic in Germany .

Chairman: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Gert F. Trommer, Institut für Theoretische Elektrotechnik und Systemoptimierung, KIT
Deputy: Dr. Steffen Zimmermann, NG Litef GmbH Freiburg