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The Air Traffic and General Aviation Navigation Commission

The Air Traffic and General Aviation Navigation Commission (LFK) is a platform for the professional exchange and interdisciplinary further development of current topics in the fields of communication, navigation and positioning systems (CNS) in civil aviation in the German-speaking world: it supports their introduction and use. The activities focus on the on-board aspects as well as the ground systems and procedures.

Furthermore, the development of expert opinions, the evaluation of concept proposals for the further development of CNS systems, the economic use of airspace and the improvement of traffic throughput in air traffic are among the priorities of the LFK.

By holding and organising regular meetings and conferences on key topics, it fulfils its mission far beyond the German-speaking world.

  • Historischer Werdegang

As an open committee, the Aviation Commission comprises around 100 active members and meets approximately twice a year with an average number of 30-50 experts on current aviation topics. The participants come from the fields of manufacturers, users, industry, administration and research & development.

The DGON Aviation Commission emerged

  • in 1951 from the Technical Commission for Radio Locating in Aviation (in the Committee for Radio Locating).
  • in 1961 from the Aviation Navigation Commission (in the DGON).

Later committees within the DGON were the commissions for land transport, air transport and maritime traffic and the expert committees for questions of navigation, which go beyond the area of a single mode of transport.

  • Chairmen of the Aviation Commission

• since 2007 Chairman: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dirk Kügler, DLR
  Deputy: Dr. techn. Werner Langhans, AvCoLan
    Dr. Maurizio Scaramuzza, skyguide, Schweiz
• 1998 - 2007   Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Seybold
• 1994 - 1998   Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Form
• 1987 - 1994   Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Jurzig
• 1981 - 1987   Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hansjürgen Freiherr von Villiez
• 1980 - 1981   Dipl.-Ing. Tilman Bohr
• 1971   Constitutive meeting FA Luftfahrt Prof. Dr. Karwath
  • Events

The Aviation Navigation Commission controls the course and content of symposia in the field of civil aviation. These currently include the international symposia

  • "ESAVS" (Enhanced Solutions for Aircraft and Vehicle Surveillance)
  • "ISPA" (International Symposium on Precision Approach and Performance Based Navigation)

At national and international level, the Commission and its symposia are making significant contributions to the planning of runway management, installation and operation of landing sites for aircraft, DGPS approach procedures, GNSS monitor and InfoSys, precision landing systems (ILS, GBAS) and multilateration.

  • Conferences in recent years:

"ESAVS" – Enhanced Solutions for Aircraft and Vehicle Surveillance

(alternating with the Italian colleagues)
  • 2007, Bonn (DGON)
  • ESAV 2009, Capri (Italy)
  • 2010, Berlin (DGON)
  • ESAV 2011, Capri (Italy)
  • 2013, Berlin (DGON)
  • 2016, Berlin (DGON)
  • 2018, Berlin (DGON)

"ISPA" – International Symposium on Precision Approach and Performance Based Navigation

(until 2008: International Symposium on Precision Approach and Automatic Landing)
  • 1995, Braunschweig
  • 2000, Munich
  • 2004, Munich
  • 2008, Bonn
  • 2013, Berlin
  • 2017, Munich

"AVIGEN" – Navigation in General Aviation

  • 2001, Braunschweig

"A-SMGCS" – Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems

  • 1999, Stuttgart